First Baptist Church Greenville

Loving God.Serving Others.Living Fulfilled.

Loving God

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Living Fulfilled

We desire for each of our members to live a life fulfilled in Christ.  To learn more about what a "life fulfilled" looks like, we invite you to join us!

At First Baptist Church Greenville, our first priority is to love God.  As Jesus instructs us in Matthew 22:37-38, our greatest responsibility is to love God and be examples of His love. 

 Our Staff

     Pastor: John Girdley                                     Deacon Chairman: Patrick Skipper
     Music Minister: Dana Lawrence                Church Secretaries: Kelly Trawick
     Childrens Minister:                                                                                 Barbara Campbell
     Youth Minister: Trent Thompson  

Jesus taught us that the best way to show our love to God and others was through service.  By loving God above all and serving others in love, we are honoring His purpose for us.  

Serving Others 

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Sunday Morning:                                                      
Morning Sunday School:               9:00-10:00am
Morning Worship:                          10:00-11:00am
Sunday Night:
Discipleship Training:                      6:00-7:00pm
Children/Youth  Activities:             5:00-7:00pm
Supper:                                                  5:15-6:00pm
Children/Youth Activities:               6:00-7:00pm
ESL Ministry                                         6:00-7:00pm
Adult Bible Study:                              6:00-7:00pm
Adult Choir Practice:                         6:00-7:00pm